About Treadmaps™

The first Treadmap™, So. Oregon: Ashland, Applegate Lake and Brown Mtn, was released Memorial Day weekend, 2004. The feedback from the cycling (and hiking) community was more than enthusiastic.

These aren't topographic quads with trails drawn on. Treadmaps™ are created with GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology, field surveys with GPS receivers and data provided by USGS, National Forest Service and Local GIS Departments. When possible, trail information is verified by members of local mountain biking non-profit organizations and local riders.

LLED*MAPS goal is to create an inventory of maps that will be updated and reprinted regularly that display all legal mountain biking trails. Each year, new maps will be added to the series until the Treadmaps™ series covers the best mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest. We live in Oregon, so that's where we are starting.

Trails that traverse private property are clearly marked on the map and are included on the map for navigational purposes only. We hope that riders will respect the rights of property owners, both those who choose to allow mountain biking and those who don't.


LLED*MAPS is truly a cottage industry started by Lled and Becky Smith in April, 2004 in Bend, OR. In 2005, the operation was moved to the Salem, Or area. This map series is the culmination of Lled's primary interests: mountain biking and cartography. His years of riding and variety of jobs in the bike industry all helped contribute to the development of this map series. 

After college, Lled lived in Ashland for 3 years and worked for what used to be Third Hand/Loose Screws. He also got to know the folks at UBI, BTI and UBP through weekly rides. Lled graduated from UBI's Bike Mechanics class and later put that to work as a bike mechanic in Stowe, Vermont and Bend, OR. While living in Stowe, Lled worked for Fat City Cycles. He also designed Stowe Mountain Resort's first downhill mountain bike trail system. 

In 1990, Lled visited Ashland and was frustrated to find that there was no one all-inclusive map of the local trails. He was back in college studying GIS and realized that he had the knowledge to put a map together. Finally, after 4 years of thinking about what the ideal map would be, he put his ideas on paper. And what a map series it is! We consistently get feedback from riders that these are the best maps they've ever used.

In our first year, 2004, LLED*MAPS published 2 maps: So. Oregon and Central Oregon Part 1. In 2005, we added 3 new maps to the series (and a baby to the family) for a total of 5 maps (and 2 kids) and upgraded our paper to Polyart™ synthetic, waterproof and tear resistant paper. No more tears at the folds! We hope to continue to add new maps to the series each year until we have covered the best, legal mountain biking locations in the Pacific Northwest. 

A key goal in 2006 is to tweak the layout, data provided and data format of our maps to make them user friendly to mountain bikers and other trail users too.  Any recommendations for future maps or changes to existing maps please contact us.

Thanks for checking out our maps. Enjoy.





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